I’ve always wanted to fall madly, hopelessly in love with a pretty girl. I’ve always wanted to fall in love with a girl’s eyes and the sound of her voice, to walk into a room of people and tell them that she’s my girl and she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. I know that love isn’t about gender or looks but I feel like my whole life, I just wanted a beautiful lady to relate songs to and tell her that she’s beautiful every day. I want to share my clothes and my make up and I wanna take her on cute little dates and buy her pretty dresses. But girls are so finicky and their personalities all suck. I just want one girl that I connect with and can love. A girl to be my whole world. Maybe my imagination is running wild again but I hope one day I find my perfect girl. Maybe I should just be thankful for everything I have but there’s still a part of me that knows there’s a woman out there for me. I can’t wait to tell her how beautiful she is

I broke my own heart loving you.
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